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Barnett Blackcat Recurve Crossbow - Includes Red Dot Sight, 2 X Bolts & Quiver - 165lbs

Barnett Blackcat Recurve Crossbow - Includes Red Dot Sight, 2 X Bolts & Quiver - 165lbs

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Covertly wrapped in black, it's a stealth ally that will keep you off the radar. Recurve crossbows are a great option for new crossbow shooters who want a straightforward, easy-to-use design. The Blackcat also has safety on its side, with an anti-dry fire trigger and finger safety reminders to start newcomers off on the right foot. Includes a red dot sight, aluminum arrows and lightweight quiver.

Kit Includes:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Two Aluminum Arrows
  • Lightweight Quiver
  • Lubrication Wax


  • Draw Weight: 9lb
  • Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System
  • Soft-Lok™ Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer
  • Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Trigger
  • Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup
  • Pass-Through Foregrip
  • Mostly Assembled
  • Three Picatinny Rails
  • Finger Safety Reminders
  • Cocking device not included


  • Dimensions 32.88 x 12.75 x 7.13
  • Length 32.88
  • Height 7.13
  • Product Weight 9 lbs
  • Barnett Crossbows - Draw Weight (lbs) 165
  • Barnett Crossbows - Kinetic Energy (ft lbs) 57 (Bolt Dependant)
  • Barnett Crossbows - Power Stroke (in) 12
  • Barnett Crossbows - Speed (fps)* 260 (Bolt Dependant)
  • Trigger Type Anti-Dry Fire

Please Read: Important information for use of bows & crossbows:

Disclaimer for use of crossbows & bows:

The use of bows and crossbows is a responsible and enjoyable sport, but it requires careful consideration of safety and adherence to the law. Please read the following guidelines and legal information before engaging in any activities involving bows or crossbows:

General Guidelines: 

1. Never Dry-Fire: Bows, including crossbows, should NEVER be dry-fired, meaning shot without a suitable arrow or bolt loaded. Dry-firing can cause irreparable damage to the bow or crossbow.

2. Unstringing: Unstring your wooden recurve bow or longbow after each use. Modern recurve and longbows made from synthetic materials can be left strung for up to 3 weeks but should be unstrung for long-term storage. Compound bows should not be disassembled, as they are difficult to reassemble and can be dangerous.

3. Arrow Length: Always ensure the correct length of arrow or bolt is loaded into the bow in the correct orientation. Using too short of an arrow can result in injury and unpredictable projectiles.

4. Draw Length: Select a bow with a draw length appropriate for your usage. Junior bows are not suitable for adults at full draw, as this may result in damage or injury.

5. Use Suitable Targets: Always use suitable targets designed for your bow's power level. Shooting at solid objects like walls or wood can destroy arrows, cause ricochets, and result in injury. Using a target designed for low-power bows with a high-power bow like a crossbow can be dangerous and cause property damage.

6. Hunting & Pest Control: It is completely illegal to hunt or shoot pests with any bow device.

Crossbow Laws:

The following legal information pertains to the ownership and use of crossbows. Please Note: That this is a layman's interpretation, and for precise legal details, you should refer to the appropriate acts and regulations.

1. Hunting: It is illegal in Great Britain to use any type of bow, including crossbows, for hunting.

2. Broadheads: The use of broadheads is illegal; only target-style points may be used on bolts.

3. Transportation: A crossbow must be transported in a condition where it cannot be used, with either the prod assembly or the string removed. Using a proper carrying case is advisable.

4. Age Restrictions: It is illegal for individuals under 18 to own, purchase, or possess a crossbow or its components unless under supervision by a knowledgeable person over 21.

5. Supervised Shooting: Anyone under 21 must be supervised by a knowledgeable person over 21 when shooting a crossbow.

6. Hiring or Lending: It is illegal to hire or lend a crossbow to someone to use under their own supervision.

7. Public Discharge: It is illegal to discharge a crossbow in a public place or on land without permission.

8. Scotland: In Scotland, it is specifically illegal to be drunk in charge of a crossbow in a public place.

Laws on Bows: 

Here are the key legal points regarding the use of bows in the UK:

1. Ownership: There are no legal requirements for owning bows and arrows in the UK. You can legally purchase archery equipment without restrictions. Crossbows are an exception and require buyers to be over 18.

2. Public Concealment: When in public spaces, keep bows and arrows concealed to comply with the Prevention of Crime Act of 1953.

3. Hunting: In the UK, hunting is generally illegal under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, with some exceptions.

4. Private Land Use: You can legally practice archery on private land if you have permission and follow safety guidelines. Ensure no neighbors are within 50 meters and use a proper backstop.

5. Compound Bows: Compound bows have different legal restrictions and are typically only allowed to be used at registered clubs.

Final Note:

Just like with firearms, the use of bows and crossbows requires common sense, technical knowledge, and suitable conditions. If you do not possess all of these, we strongly recommend exploring a different sport for your safety and the safety of others. Always prioritize safety and adhere to the law when using bows and crossbows.

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